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About the artist

  • Linda was born in the Czech Republic but moved to Australia in her early childhood. She showed early talent and her painting was exhibited at a national exhibition of children's art at Prague Castle when she was three. Growing up in Sydney, her creativity was encouraged and supported by parents and teachers and she attended various art classes around her home.

    It was here that Linda was introduced to sculpture and began a seven year apprenticeship, learning from various sculptors around the world. She completed her professional training in Europe and the USA. Fascinated by the deep psychological and romantic work of sculptors like Rodin and Jean Baptiste Carpeaux, Linda wanted to capture the same depth in her own work. This lead her to further study in psychology and she gained a degree from Macquarie University.

    Linda's work is Neo-Romantic in style and she has had a signficant role in the revival of the portrait bust in Australia. Her artistic skill and insight into the human psyche means her sculptures have "Life" and an emotional impact. Having returned to Australia after her studies, Linda finding that figurative sculpture was being overlooked and neglected, she began creating portrait busts of influential Australians as well as focusing on emotional and dramatic religious themes. At the age of 21 she had already established herself as one of Australia's foremost young sculptors when she received a large public commission to create the Stations of the Cross. It was from here that her reputation as a sculptress grew quickly, making her one of the best known figurative bronze sculptors in Australia. Her most recognised public sculptures include a statue of Dr Victor Chang, a sculpture of St Mary Mackillop and 'Expressions of Love' the centerpiece of the Hunter Valley Gardens.

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